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U:Urgent Climate Fixing !The Highest Priority Task at now !!.

This is Christmas holidays task present for you all.

Profit×Probability=Expectation Value as Decision Criteron on Higher Priority Task.

In 2017,climate change has beome to reveal its awful aspects having known to anyone,

While Arctic Methane Catastroph Risk has been ignoring by COP the international climate sesssions.

Thus climate fixing now has nothing effective accomplishing with entirely Arctic ice lid vanishing on and CO2 increasing on.

Because imminent Business as usual(note this could be negative profits)is the highest priority in strongly delusional people and politics at now.

In such global ignorant trend,actual climate salvation probability may be almost near zero !!,

Thus a silent,but big despair now has become ruling on in climate experts and activists in the world.

However the profit saving life by the order of God is infinitive at any times !!!.

Thereby,climate fixing can not help,but to be the highest priority task for all !!!.

It never be allowed to be abandoned !!

T:Never people be known on truthes, but make them rely all on established authorities,

this is a doctrine of fascism invisible. Author will make them disclose in the following.

At first,reader never rely on any persons,any authorities,but make ownself reliable leader

and believe judgements of own,thus you could convince and share opinion with each your many fellows at last.

Reader never be deceived by author,since he is also incomplete,then also you are to be truth


Anyone can make translated web page of this site without anuthor’s permission.

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EDITORIAL TOPnote on Errantum & Addendum,etc―


IPCC and Established global media has been silent on the Planetary Emergency of Methane Catastrophe Risk in Arctic.

Following facts must emergently be confirmed by all.

Unless emergent implementation on Arctic Cooling geo-Engineering,our planet would be heat hell world toward mass extinction.

Emergent carbong reduction of more than 80%cut can not be dispensable for ⑴

In both condtion of ⑴⑵,life assurance policy could be possible.

98(2012/7/5): Warning by Arctic Methane Emergent Group<click below site>:

Unless emergent drastic global counter measure,2015 would be tipping point toward fireball earth in few decades!!.

144(2018/02/04)Your Possible Opting is only REVOLUTION!,or EXTINCTION?

Now author show you the validity in simplest,but exact way in following.

Note the world has been being ruled by madness of the ruler(NAZIS).Also ourselves is not normal,but very crooked.

This is counter strategy against operation EndGame the exterminating mankind by climate hell.

Technically salvation technology 80% renewable energy and Arctic Cooling are possible.

Now initiating force to real global political action has been being not realized by discords

75(2011/4/15,2017/4/25,27).Proof on God

In now world becoming chaotic !!,once again,we had better re-examine the very origin.

* 2017/4/25,27:Largely revised toward exact understanding to win world wide approval..

E27(2015/11/06,11,2016/10/31):Q&A_Die or Do_Mending the Deadly Climate_the Problem-Solution-Reaction.

Th is is Q&A for E26. What you wish to inquire and know is discussed here !!.

Climate scientists are doctor for curing the deadly climate,however now they are wrong not confessing the facts.

Thereby ,at first,we must emergently mend wrong doctors to make them righteous diagonosis on the deadly climate causing our extinction possibility.

Also a method for Planed Economics toward Climate Wartime Regime is discussed.

*2015/11/11:APPENDIX is added.

*2016/10/11:APPENDIX_4,5,6 are added.

E26(2015/10/26,27,31;2016/8/3):Die or Do_Mending the Deadly Climate_the Problem-Solution-Reaction.

2℃ rise treatment(COP16) is deadly lie,and IPCC has been hiding emergent Arctic Methane Risk.

Non carbon energy technology for 80%CO2 cut and emergent Arctic Cooling Technology must be accomplished.

The reaction is emergent Conversion from Business as usual to Freeness for ever.

The Reaction is new Economics toward peoples Life Assurance toward Climate Wartime Regime.

The whole view is showed at here,and you must find and do your task toward emergent global solidarity making.

*The more explanations are here:

*correction(8/3):The energy of global 0.1℃ rise is about hurricanes 400units/year. 400units.

100(‘12/7/22,27,2013/2/21)Water Electrolysis by Charge Density Wave could Create Energy.

103(2012/9/19)Earthquake Prediction by Phenomena of Seismic Electromagnetism(1/2).

51(2009/04/27)Earthquake Forecasting by Observing Anormaly of Animal Behaviour .

P69(2016/07/04)Charge Alternating by Plasma Oscillation Resonance(HAARP).

150(2022/02/12)Growing Electric Power by Tesla Tornado Circuit.

SummaryTesla's bi-filar Spiral Coil can grow the current toward generating “energy”.

Standard physic theory and some observed facts explain the surprising mechanism.

This technology could cause rapid Global Energy Revolution by global strong cooperation on the R&D.

149(2019/05/11,13)Upward Floating Mechanism of Aerosol Forming Clouds and CLOUDS MAKING MACHINE

This is problem of Cloud Making Machine(CMM) Launching Aerosol(CN)from Ocean Surface.

Then natural Upward Floating Mechanism of CN is decisive in cloud generating efficiency.

One is well known Wind Turbulence Diffusion observed in ordinal chimney smoke diffusion,

Another is weak buoyancy force(with cold sink flow)generated by latent heat emission in magic CN’s absorbing vapor gas.

Loss of{hot & light}vapor gas is to cause local air gas colder and heavier toward sink current.

After all,some of enough hotter CNs go upward to become cloud droplet at condensation altitude.

:Climate Desperate is partly due to that scientists consider it impossible to recover stable climate

by engineering.But this report would challenge their pesimistic view.

148(2019/03/06)Reserving at least A Day for Decision Making on Die or Do by everybody together !

Also this Site Mission is to ensure nobody can say: I didn't know the Conspiracy of Climate Extermination ! ' Note no wars in the past had caused planet extermination,but only climate is entirely different.Now any planet people had known climate worsening by own observing and frequent news.However,nobody seem to seriously act against those,but live life as usual.While governments who are responsible nation people’s life security,they seem to have been acting well by such political COP annual global meeting.However they never disclose imminent deadly risk of Arctic Methane Catastrophe,which would burn planet !!!.

Unless urgent drastic global regime change,it would surely happen before about 2040.

147(2019/02/27)Coming Climate Hell Caused by Defeat In Class Struggle.  

Technologically,climate fixing is possible,but Politically,it has become deadlock.

Essence come from denying visible,but lighting darkness of who rule all from behind the world,

146(2018/02/20)Final Judgment toward Climate Salvation by Theological Revolution.

<USA and Other Nations in the World now Heading Climate Auschwitz>.

Once Christian Religion was political revolution,but failed to be moral teach...Goethe

Global people has been too busy both in BUSINESS and regional military DISPUTEs.

Then,all of us must be awaken on deadly fact now we have been heading to climate Auschwitz.

Then the salvation may be unprecedently biggest to cause you hesitate,

however,there is still salvation possibility by Engineering in Global HOLY REVOLUTION.

It is both technical Engineering and Political Decision Engineering due to Theological Revolution

145(2018/02/13)People can Call for Climate Scientist’s Fact Diagnosis toward Actual Salvation

Now mankind has been heading toward global climate exterminating by mad supremacist.

Paris agreement without Arctic Methane Emergency is fake ,not to save the world !.

However,even as though,we could accomplish salvation by Global Climate Revolution.

All of you with Evidence of the FACT must call for Climate Scientists to Declare Fact Dignosis.

144(2018/02/04)Your Possible Opting is only REVOLUTION!,or EXTINCTION?

Now author show you the validity in simplest,but exact way in following.

Note the world has been being ruled by madness of the ruler(NAZIS).Also ourselves is not normal,but very crooked.

This is counter strategy against operation EndGame the exterminating mankind by climate hell.

Technically salvation technology 80% renewable energy and Arctic Cooling are possible.

Now initiating force to real global political action has been being not realized by discords

143(2017/12/16)NAZIS reincarnated in USA(The Warmonger)with Atheism is Defeated

The Final Summary(this is mere a simple,but strong LOGIC !!).

All becoming Theist is great historical chance toward Global Revolution.

Science never deny Religion,but affirm.Thereby,science is not enemy,but strong ally.

Thereby atheism due to no validity in science is not correct,so it must be turned !!.

In fact,global chaos in politics due to crooked spirit in high place(the Emperor ruling).

They are supremacist now operating EndGame exterminating global population.

Their supremacism is anti-Religion(injustice,lie,hatred not to co-live in peace).

Their ruling is terribly wrong to cause upside down world which must be turned.

Having gotten rid of the supremacist ruling enables following revolution.

Terror and warfare could be stabilized by Engineering in politics-economics.

Climate could be stabilized by Engineering in new energy and Arctic Cooling.

All people’s livelihood could be stabilized by Engineering in Basic Income.

142(2017/11/20,23) How to Escape from Global Slavery by CIA

*2017/11/23: General in charge of US nukes says he can defy an ‘illegal’ strike order from Trump

Most difficulty of the World Today is people could not have realized real difficulty cause.

Because education(for children)& mass media(for adult)never will disclose real cause.

<At first,keep economy growing regime, where people are too busy in business to

ignore real enemy both in world of visible perpetual wars-terrors threat and

in invisible threat of climate worsened world,now heading global extinction before 2050 ! >.

Now West and East(Russia &China and their ally)has been being against with each other.

However it is not that one of them is right,but both are wrong.Even though,we could tell that

Real Evil has been due to West Ally.Especially USA with the Emperor is NAZIS reincarnated nation

(CIA-military industry complex the advanced fascism nation).Their influence has been not only in USA,

but in global.However to tell so,there is the anti-power in USA.

Now they has been suffering in their resistance due to their less power. In authors survey,Europe,South

America,Africa and Asia,all of they has been being ruled by CIA after the war due to CIA operations<Gradio,Condor,......>.

That right,It is called “America Imperialism”.

The aim of this report is that also we foreigner must stand up to

over turn the evil and insidious global ruling regime(CIA)

by purging minority of betrayers(CIA agent)in each nation’s behind by effective method of concentrating our power at a focus<betrayer>.

141(2017/08/3)How to Accomplish Global Climate Action toward Effective Fixing.

Central Governments would be busy in warfare,while other policy be paralyzed.

Now strong evil power has been accelerating climate worsening toward 5 billion people extinction.

They interfere climate scientist IPCC and hide deadly climate fact.

They threaten also business-media society to hide,so people has entirely been being deceived.

Also politics will not work for climate fixing.Paris Accord is hypocrite not to save people.

The final chance may be creating global justice power from bottom sides with the truth.

140(2017/07/11)Arctic Methane Extinction is Revealed to be Operation EndGame.

It’s Climate Change that is Silent,but Actual WWV Exterminating 5Billion People.

Why IPCC Scientists has been Silent on Arctic Methane Risk.

139(2017/06/06)The Broken Paris Accord(PA) is Final Chance to Transit

<They Hide Arctic Methane Deadly Risk toward Operation End Game>.

THE SUMMARY” Toward Really Effective Action:

It is the Regime Quo that has been accelerating coming Climate Hell,

while people has been being deceived by such hypocrite Paris Accord

which never tell decisive and imminent Risk of Arctic Methane Catastrophe.

The final Relief is global declaration of Climate Wartime the emergency

by mass experts who can verify deadly climate fact and the fixing technology.

It is not impossible,but highly realizable in neat works on the verification by mass experts.

Any politicians could not help,but follow the declaration certified.

:Most regret in deathbed is told what they had not challenged at that time.

138(2017/05/23)Imminent Task of US All to Make Global Unite.

Once Japan went no winning possibility war against USA entirely only for conserving emperor regime,

the consequence was A-bomb in Hiroshima-Nagasaki.Though there was no blame against emperor.

Now the world has been facing perpetual false flag terror and war to camouflage coming climate hell world

toward global extinction due to awful stupidity only for conserving the oil merchant emperor regime.

We are entirely too stupid to keep perpetual struggle among us,while we have been ignoring real enemy

who has been conspiring our struggle among us to intercept our global unite with the truth !!.

137(2017/05/15,16)Nuclear War Threat and Suppressing Mechanism on Climate Activating.

It is unprecedented upside down stupidity that people has been too busy in threat of terrors,wars,and BUSUINESS,

while the FUSE has been firing on toward Arctic Methane Catastrophe the GLOBAL MASS EXTINCTION.

Due to recent the puppet nation North Korea’s threat,people becomes too worry as for breaking possibility of total nuclear war,

while entirely not as for total Extinction by Climate Hell.

This is the minds analysis at now World.

5/16:largely revised in []❹Final question of everyone,could it really be success ?!!.

136(2016/11/22,24)The Global Ruling Structure-2016_How to Engineering toward Accomplishing Global Stability??!!!.

*2016/11/24:APPENDIX_References are added.

Without hope, when also mixing and doing to seem, there is often a thing it’ll be(W.Shakespeare).

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step(M.L.King).

You could see whole view on Global Ruling structure the evil devastating the world by the established stupid elites with absurd spremacism.

Then our task is engineering(intellectual cooperation with strong will)to turn the upside down world by altogether.

135(2016/11/13)To be or not to be Planet Terminator,the supreme decision on Climate

Trump became next president,who is friendly with Putin,so the Hell of Syria must be soon settled without WWV ,

however both are climate denyers at now.In peace established world,

the deadly climate could not help to be ,but the highest priority task !!!.

Above all,East Siberian Arctic Shelf is facing imminent Methane Catastrophe Risk !!!.

Not only both nations,but also other nations must take urgent actions with together !!!!!.

134(2016/10/02)Don’t Misunderstand on Decisive Critical Numeric in Climate Policy Making

This report is what I (physicist)had noticed about some very critical problems in sites.

Climate Numeric are supremely critical and decisive on Policy Decision !!.

A true science concludes unique and only answer for a problem<Goedel‘s completeness Theorem>,

while major climate scientists ignore the completeness.

It is only the completeness that can make Effective Global Climate Consensus !.

However author and scientists can not be complete in the actuality,but they might do errors.

Then it is necessary to debate,only by which we could correct errors.

That is,the lack of overwhelming judgement by science(B.Obama)might cause massive people

confusional and desperate, so our concern must be at here.<2016/10/2>

Websites with climate problems should have reliable climate consultant experts.

Certainly also Suzuki decisively agree with the 'Radical Change' !!!.

133(2016/09/21)Arctic Cooling Engineering the Summary

Imminent Methane Catastrophe Risk in East Siberia Arctic Shelf by sea water warming has been being warned.

Now Arctic Ice retreat had become positive feedback,which could not stop spontaneously,but by man made Arctic Cooling Engineering.

Without which,we could not intercept global extinction.This report is the overview by non-expert author.

132(2016/08/06)Rapid CO2 Absorption with Mineralizstion of CO2 by OLIVINE

80%CO2 cut with mass absorption by ocean and land would take more than 60 years long,

while Olivine Engineering in global reservoir could have potential of rapid absorption .

This fact must urgently be Climate Revolution. toward rapid actions.

131(2016/07/23)Washington, the war criminal capital of the world is driving the world to nuclear war

They could not admit own fatal failure(climate crisis),but hide.It is which that turn to final catastrophe.

Best answer for political solution may be written in the holy scriptures.

130(2016/07/10,11)Deadly Climate without mending is nothing,but toward GLOBAL EXTINCTION,which is far more than Any Wars !!.

Thereby,urgent Global Climate War Declaration is decisively necessity.

It is War Declaration that enable prompt regime transition without confusions.

It is declaration-itself that can accelerate preparation.

7/11:"Views from Demand Side" is added in APPENDIX-3:

129(2016/05/15)How to Make Big Problem Smaller?!!_Challenging the Dilemma.

Having solution is to see through a whole,then answer may seem small.On the contrary,

difficult one seems larger not to see a whole.A LOGIC could make those easier.

What rules this world from deepest the bottom....................Faust(G.W.Goethe)

128(2016/04/11,12)Finally, We Entered the Era Shoot and Kill Climate Victims.

Amid Climate-Fueled Food Crisis, Filipino Forces Open Fire on Starving Farmers

Police and army forces in the Philippines unleashed bullets on a starving crowd,

killing 10, for demonstrating for drought relief


"This is not a distant reality to anywhere in the world," Repollo wrote to Common Dreams,

"unless we change the system that feeds [on] hunger, injustices, and climate catastrophe."

127(2015/09/09)Global People Must Search an Essential Evile Origin.

Global people must make emergent overwhelming solidarity against cruel NAZIS reincarnated in USA(CIA-Pentagon conglomerate)

becoming to kill children in false flag wars and by false on climate actuality.

Most of you may treat wars and climate separate problem and substantially neglect the latter .

In the actuality,keeping US war regime is economy for military industry and camouflage for oil industry(responsibility of Rockefeller the American emperor).


Once people think it is impossible,it would be impossible.

Once people think it is possible,it could become possible.

Global Revolution is too big,however coming climate hell is far more too big.

People could become outrageous something in outrageous environment.Bet and trust it !!

126(2015/08/28)Emergent Tasks at now,God loved Jew,but not German.

T:Recognition on the current deadly situation

If you continue to adhere own works at now,you would be extincted by climate hell.

Because it ‘s your works and life way that has been causing our extinction by mass CO2 emission.

The you never fail,but ask “how to survive without my works,tell me what to do??”

U:Possible Salvation Operation

After all,very coarsely to tell,we should turn back to era of agriculture society.

We all should be farmer soldier to save foods without CO2 emission.

Some should be technical soldier to implement Geo-Engineering to mend broken climate .

V:Who has been intercepting political transition from deadly now to possible salvation ?.

God loved Jew,but not German.

125(2015/06/15)Mutual Assured Destruction Principle(≡MAD).

In coming future,global nuclear war(WWV)really could be broken out,or not ??.

No :MAD principle would have been intercepting global nuclear war(WWV).

Yes:something deadly cause might launch global nuclear war(WWV).

If No,we could concentrate to tackle against climate wars without fear of nuclear war.

If Yes,we must tackle against both internal enemy(nuke war)and climate war.

Then note things in espionage(deceptional)world sometimes become upside down !!.

A nuke war is assumed to be broken out between reciprocal USA(-EU)⇔Russia(-China).

However both are ally nations in neglecting climate extinction possibility.

They are also nation of conspiracy experts.

That is,to see is “do not belive”,good is bad,..............

There are no accidental political events,but are all secretly planed.......C.Rosebelt.

124(2015/05/13<1>,14<2>)This is the most dangerous zone against which they are eager to fire<1, 2>)!!!

Breaking:Obama Administration Says Yes To Drilling in the Arctic.

But the permission has been still incomplete at now.

All of us are now in exam to be able to intercept their sucidal trials !!!.

123(2015/05/02)Global Politics Matrix could predict coming future world?!

This is a dynamics intending prediction on possible coming future world by an author. Also you could make another dynamics(=scenario).

Profile are possible actors with each ideology and they are to play in the stages of CLIMATE,economy and military fields.

Above all,we should grasp the deadly climate,it is nothing,but which that has been hiddenly causing unstability of coming world !!!.Note

economy collapse with jobless and corporate bankruptcy and perpetual regional disputes are what avert peoples concern.

122(2015/05/02)It’s us who are on the GermanWings Airbus A320 whose door is firmly locked

Thus decisive failure causes of the world is that those who must not sit operating seat

has been operating plane and encounter crash at last.

121(2015/04/11)The Rockefeller File

This is the supplement for 120.

Where is troubled portion ??.Above may be dominant answer.Therefore to know the wealthiest Rockefeller is to fix the world for future.

Following are the data collected by author.Note each data are not whole complete,some portions might be not correct.

120(2015/04/02)For your own sake,Write your Future Scenario !!!


However,now people in the world has been synchronous ensemble paralyzing in facing unprecedented climate crisis.

Then as a method to release from cursed state,writing own serious future scenario is recommended.

For the assisting,some useful concepts and topics are presented in APPENDIX.

119(2015/03/18,20,21)Men in the Hell and Men in The High Place

People wil not admit reality as for the extremely abnormal event even in directly facing before their eyes.

At the moment,fear rules them.However,once they would turn to have common recognition on the emergency,

they will make decisive decision to act.This fact indicates us extremely important view for facing near future emergency.

On the other hand,in this now world,there is an absurdity that

the very few people in high place has been determining doomed mankind destiny.

Then how to act the countermeasure ?!!.

118(2014/07/16)Nothing Betrayals could turn the Upside Down World !!!

How to overcome stubborn,but desperate conservatism causing own extinction.

It might be also me and you (betrayals)who has been causing this world going toward extinction hell .

117(2014/06/29)How to confirm the Climate Emergency Realities

Confirming the climate emergency realities by yourself is decisive to make global agreement !!.

However general people(policy makers)are not scientist,thereby they needs supporters who are good at Science,or Engineering(mathematics,physics,

if possible climate science knowledges).Here is the guidance for the time being.

Also surveying on “ The“Most Barrier” for Accomplishing Global Massive Agreementis mentioned.

116(2014/06/22)Why more than 80cut ? And “the Realizability in your life !!!

Climate scientists may have well known necessity of emergent implementation of more than 80%CO2 cut,

however none tell,but very few.On the other hand ,massive people seems not able to understand such terrible reason.

However it is highly realizable and comprehensible by the data. Calculations here could be confirmed also by student,engineers.

115(2014/06/20)The fatal failure of IPCC climatology_Why is IPCC impossible

Now people must be awakened for deadly betrayal IPCC.

Because the climate situation has been becoming worse day by day by nothing effective global counter measure the utmost responsibility of IPCC.

People must notice their injustice(EXXON-MOBIL-Rockefeller)

Author never intend accusing climate scientists,but their liberation from suppressions by the capitalism oligarchy.

By anyhow,to gain global support,revealing deadly inconvenient facts on climatology could not evaded

in order to push policy maker toward liberation of the scientists.

114(2014/5/9,14)All,but about ,Climate Hell World <<How to Escape from Hell ?!!>>

This is quick viewing guide with the details explanations.

You could get comprehensible whole views on Climate Change and the Econo-Politico Strategy.

Ceratainly the problems are outrageously too big, though coming HELL is more outrageously too big.

Once people accepted the facts,they could do their best.

113(2013/12/19)Life Assurance by National Strategy in coming climate WAR-TIME.

<<W Default in finance & climate debt toward building new money regime>>

Now the world has been facing double crisis of economy and climate,

the highest priority tasks for the world.

Which never be settled,but simultaneous operation for both crisis.

In this trial report,a consistent revolutionary method is showed

112(2013/12/19)Quick Guide to Economy Network Dynamics.

An economy is described in all account-books,so variables in account books

could represent economy dynamics in dealing networks.

This is preparation for economy regime simulation in following 113.

111(2013/10/19)Overwhelming Judgment of SCIENCE.

A righteous conclusion in Science is fundamentally unique to be simultaneously overwhelming judgment.

The Scientific valid is described. And also serious interferences on on those are revealed.

This is the most emergent and highest priority problem at now world.

110(2013/9/19)Only Overwhelming Judgment of Science could overcome the Overwhelming Difficulties in Global Countermeasure against CCC.

Overwhelming illusion(climate change is real,but nothing countermeasure)has been ruling this world.

In fact,there is nothing absolute difficulty due to something principles.

Then key is overwhelming science judgment concluding Unique Global Climate Policy.

109(2013/6/8)A mere and silly elite’s prestige has been causing this world toward hell.

As for whole,what has been intercepting political progression toward better ?.

Now climate crisis has been going toward mass extinction hell.The effective counter

measure needs new global regime with abolishing wasteful civilization-itself(revolution).

It is nothing ,but fear for the capitalism elite's status decline, which turned to conspire

operation ENDGAME toward doomsday by the hounorable and haughty elites.

As holy scripts and Marx told, class struggle is certainly kernel in history progression and

capitalism now turned to be a cancer leading us toward painful hell.They are persons who

never can admit own outrageous failures of capitalism with technology and without

repentance. A mere and silly elite's prestige against God(justice,truth,philanthropy

toward stable social order)has been causing this world hell.

109(2013/9/3)Don’t bomb on the innocent Syria(Assad).

But must punish Bush and the military industry complex(MIC)merchants.       

It is upside down to punish innocents,while the guilties are on the loose.

By launching various faints ,they have been entirely hiding the final problem of Climate Collapse,

of which effective countermeasure need global revolution .They fear it !!!.

108(2013/5/13,17)Way for Change is unique to be determined by a Logic.

Securing job and climate stability by individual become harder,but by nations policy could do.

Mmilitary man knowing reality of war will not wish reckless war,but non-military are dangerous to trigger war.

Thereby,we should and could know who is actual enemy.

107(2013/1/1)How to anticipate near future world

Future is a history that" Why do Who What by How at Where and When?.

Then behavior of person is functional of their ideology and of exterior world enviroment (automata).

106(2012/11/16).Accusing Silence in Political Debate on the Climate Crisis having become visible for everyone

Emergent letter to all of the Planet Friends.

105(2012/10/30)Leadership Manual.

All is true recognition on world !!!,Without which had caused the chaotic world now.

104(2012/10/10)World Wide KO Battle Show1) of the Supreme HeavyClass Championship Decision.

Any debate can be ended by KO game in certain way ,which is proved here.All of disputes has entirely been being caused false flags 2)

that cause disputes and wars of no settlements at anyplace anytime in the world. 

The most matter that must be hated by most of us are lie,false,fake and hiding that are caused from evil.

103(2012/9/19)Earthquake Prediction by Phenomena of Seismic Electromagnetism(1/2).

This is a trial for best performance method of earthquake prediction by so called seismic electromagnetism(SE),

When,where,and how much magnitude prediction by electrical observation methods are introduced.

Those could be also best cost performance.

102(2012/8/14)The Top Emergent Problem in Upside Down the World.

Time left for us become less and less,so we must take special priority for the problem.

But the salvation barely become possible only by general and global solidarity making.

101(2012/8/11,14)0.1℃ Temperature Rise could cause the Climate Wild.

Heat energy for making a hurricane is mere about 1/500 of 0.1℃ Global Temperature Rise one.

0.1℃ rise would take 3~5 years,which would impress you climate become more wild.

14_A decisive witness on global effects due to Arctic warming by climate scientists was reported.

100(‘12/7/22,27,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2013/2/21)Water Electrolysis by Charge Density Wave could Create Energy.

WFC can generate hydrogen gas by less energy input ,and the gas can generate more energy output than input one.

Now the 2nd version was issued to be electrically more visible and to implement H2 gas generator by CDW.

99(2012/7/22)From the Point of No Return to the Final Catastrophe Point.

Time left for the total salvation is very few !!, then can all of you really want it left unconcerned??!!,                                        

Note the years interval from tipping point to the last catastrophic one is not short as few decades. 

Which would become terrible desprerate decades of hell the supreme!!!.                                                                    

At now, 3 options might be possible,suicide by Abomb war,extinction by fireball earth,and barely salvation by operation Global Ramadan!!!.

The established elites at now world seems to have been wishing the war(operation ENDGAME)!!!.

If they could have known the deadly reality,Everyone would act for the Total Salvation!!!.  

98(2012/7/5): Warning by Arctic Methane Emergent Group<click below site>:

Unless emergent drastic global counter measure,2015 would be tipping point toward fireball earth in few decades!!.

Within the decades,people would have been facing both hells of economy and climate collapse.

97(2012/7/5): Exclusive Email to all the Parties in the World:

The marvelous Water Fuel could easily replace with Gasoline dominating world at now.

They has been joying,but with it, annoying and being suppressed due to why Water Fuel Cell(WFC)could creat more output energy than input one.

Now author expose the decent standard physics<0+E(positive available energy)E(invisible negative gravity field energy)>

To tell form the beginning,this universe was created from nothing by also nothing physical low(the almighty being).

96(2012/5/27) :Order vs Disorder(the logical symetry as for the upside down world).

Symetrical categolization could make simple,clear,but rigid perceptions.

95(2012/5/24,26)The Upside Dpown World(pdf)

The supplement for below site.

The validities of upside down world was surveyed more precisely.

94(2012/4/23,30) :New Regime Design to Turn the Upside Down World at Now.

You could notice upside down world ruled by them.

Our tomorrow life would depend on design new global regime,

which might become the FINAL TRIAL.

93(2012/4/7) :.Who is Wicked in High Place

To know enemy and ownself enables 100% winning(Ancient Chinese teach).

92(2012/3/29) :A Trying to Establish Max Common Recognition by Program Purifying Truth.

Following are decisive truthes for establishing unique and only recognitions for saving the emergent world.

You(scientist and those who could do) must opt yes or no for each numbering propositions

to establish global massive solidarity against the evils.

91(2012/3/11) :The Fatality of Predestination Theology.

War,merchandising(exploitation) and pirate(ruler) are trilateral(of atheism).                                              

Therefore rulers secretly hated theism and insidiously conspired destroying religion.

90(2012/3/3) :.HOW TO SOLVE the WORLD ?!(interpretation by logical dualism)

The purpose of following tables are to spotlight and to verify the disputing world problems at now.

Note the right column are description of the realities by observing ,while left is logical negation of right,

so those are something “should be”.Then you could see the world now is upside down damn one.

89(2012/3/2) :PEACE KEEPING OPTION between ISRAEL and MUSLIM NATIONS.                

A possibility of evading war may be Israel's turning to repent for the invasions against Muslim nation after the war.

War making against Iran is told to be fatal also for Israel.

At least,they could not be nothing damage.

Even though peace was kept,would they be hating with each other for long after ?, 

Yes something extraordinary would be necessary for the reconciliation.

88(2012/3/2,4) :Essential Criminal for Causing the Massive Palestinian Refugee is EUROPE-USA

Anywhere, anytime,someone in secular Europe always conspired to Jews flaming up bad.

Surveying NAZIS vs JEWS problem might be solving mankind future.

87(2012/2/8) :Deep insight on the real cause of war between Iran and Israel.

Conspiring war is due to those who fear {Global Huge Finance Collapse and Deadly Global Climate Change}.

This is the most dangerous desperate decision by them.Westerm media has been hiding this serious facts.

86(2012/1/29) :.Which do you opt World WarV or Global Revolution the Total Resetting ? !

Real Behind of the Middle East Crisis between Israel and Iran.

Effective Countermeasure on coming Climate Catastrophe is emergent 80% carbon fuel reduction.Global Deadlock in countering Climate Change

and Financial Collapse never can be eliminated without Global Revoluion.For the 1% elites,Revolution is more terrible than defeating war.

So World WarV for exterminating 80% of the world's population has been conspiring by Bilderberger Elites the 1% actual word dominator.

85(2011/11/27,12/4) : Unless Drastic Counter Measure,Arctic Ice Lid Vanish would Become Catastrophic.

Unless drastic and emergent global counter measure,it is certain we would be extincted in few decades !!!.

84(2011/10/24,11/6 ) GLOBAL DECLARATION WAR on CARBON with Geo Engineering(the narations)(the draft version).

84(2011/10/24 ) GLOBAL DECLARATION WAR on CARBON with Geo Engineering Part-A(the draft version.pdf).

84(2011/10/24 ) GLOBAL DECLARATION WAR on CARBON with Geo Engineering Part-B(the draft version.pdf).

84(2011/10/24.11/11,12/5) GLOBAL DECLARATION WAR on CARBON with Geo Engineering Part-C(the draft version.pdf).

84(2011/10/24,31,11/11 ) GLOBAL DECLARATION WAR on CARBON with Geo Engineering Part-D(the draft version.pdf).

It is very certain that,unless emergent drastic global regime change,we would be extincted in decades by so called Arctic Methan Catastrophe.

Therefore,in this seminar,we shall prove the being of evidences of the highest catastrophe possibility in decades by very elementary science.

It could be shown as a scheme.There is a small portable tank into which you are now

carelessly on pouring much oil by rapid pumping.

It is certain that a time shall come soon when oil in the tank shall flow out.

And also there were fire sparkles near the tank,then what would happen !,

This is a very reality of your stupid or insidious world at now !!!.

83(2011/10/5,25)GLOBAL DECLARATION WAR on CARBON(the draft version).

This is the free draft version for easy comprehensible visualization.                                                   

The mission of the video-nization is to challenge and revolve fatal and deadliest conservatism of the COP15,16 and coming 17.


If you would have encountered unprecedental terrible climate hell world in near future,

then you shall surely and fataly regret that we should have done bitter counter mesure at that possible time.

Do you realy consider economy now is more important than your life ??.

If nation and people would have gone to where they could go down as soon as possible,

then relief might become possible by new regime.It might be upside down.



Accounting theory(Economy Network Dynamics) yields the title fundamental equation in finance,

which is fatal in interpretation on the global financial crisis.

80(2011/7/25):The Reality of Interpretation on the World,and What Shall We Do !.

Here are trying to total interpret the world with most brief(?)form for everyone by logician author.                    

Now the world has become upside down(anti-God world),which must be turned to the straight way of God.

79(2011/7/15)People Go Together against the Planet Crisis.

To tell the fact,all of us now are almost death penalty planet prisoners                                                    

due to the possible climate catastrophe(by huge methane eruption in Arctic).                                            

In order to overcome the unprecedental crisis,we must take united global actions against the crisis.                             

Therefore,at first,we should veryfy and correct our recognition on the world.

78(2011/7/3,4)IPCC(UN) the injustice:We could not be saved !!.

Two decades IPCC activity had accomplished nothing substantial result of saving life on earth.

In the while,it would become fatal that IPCC has been neglecting crucial feedback process,

such as methane catastrophe possibility in Arctic.

77(2011/7/2)Recognition on the World and Leadership Checking List.

You should examine each items and ask your leaders for those.

76(2011/5/15)HAARP the Earthquake Weapon Mechanism.

Ionized-sphere can radiate disasterous Charge Density Wave(CDW) by plasma modulation

by iradiating of VHF electromagnetic wave radiated by the HAARP,which can cause earthquake.

CDW is not an energy explosion,but to trigger rock chain crash

in ultra-high pressured critical earthquake hypocenter.

75(2011/4/15,2017/4/25).Proof on God

In now world becoming chaotic !!,once again,we had better re-examine the very origin.

* 2017/4/25:Largely revised toward exact understanding.

74(2011/3/31)From the 9/11 to the 3/11 Japan Earthquake Massacre.

Circumstantial evidences indicates the outrageous warcriminals(9/11 and 3/11)

by the NAZIS reincurnated in USA after the war.

73(2011/3/1)Solar Heater the principle and the design the extra corrected version.

Correction and supplement report on previous article #72.

This is still insufficient at now.

72(2011/2/4)Solar Heater the principle and the design.

Solar Heater(SH) is the very best performance in energy technology.

Below are the physics basis and some design example.You could invent better SH.

71(2010/12/15,17)More 1℃ rise agreement COP16 would cause catastrophic ?!!.

The IPCC most defect is neglecting Arctic methane catastrophe possibility,

COP16 allowing 2℃ rise would be no-effective saving.Global ensemble synchronous

-paralyzing has been causing scilence on the fact,which must be digged by us all.

70(2010/11/23,24) Unless global turn to correct,saving food become difficult as time go on.

By anywhat one tell,so long as global surplus heat were positive,temperature never go down.

Even though,forcused global intelligence could save this fatal planet.

69(2010/11/2,3)Silence are invading in facing the climate catastrophe.

<<the final judgementturn the mechanism of apocalyptic world at now>>

Scientists know well that prolonging CO2 emission by the status quŏ would cause catastrophe,

and even global amateur citizen in 2010 became to recognize the climate abnormality and have seen direct damages on food products.

However,scientists,politician and bussiness society had become more scilent.

Now let's disclose and turn mechanism the fatal and irrational.

The fact is simple,if we corrected,we be saved,and if not corrected,we be into hell.

68(2010/10/12,13) Three Biggest Lies on now World

The US government was behind the 9/11 attackes.Without biggest extravagant and debt nation(USA),

global economic growing is impossible(total debttotal current asset).

The extravagances(increasing GHG) caused global climate change crisis.

Now the leaders in USA,Japan,.. has been concealing the facts(the liares).

67(2010/5/11) Zero Emission Simulation and the Destiny of Earth.

Zero dimensional global climate model can predict future temperature trend

by accounting heat(input -output≡radiative forcing≡RF)on earth,

with solar ray reflection rate(albedo) and with pass rate of cooling radiation from earth.(pspm).

It could be a simplest proof on global warming(also cooling) by the model with RF one in page 21 i n Math-Physics Science.

66(2010/3/7) On Haiti & Chile: Anti-Democrat Attacks with Earthquake Weapon by USA.

Now is the era when he oppose God and rule the world with"deception & lawless".

Deception is stealing,and lowless is aiming for making war,both of which would cause disorder with hates and without will of co-live.

Facing abnormal era,the world citizens should make solidarity against "deception and lawless".

The key is truth enabling unique belief for all of us.

65(2010/2/14) The World Wide Deceoption for co-livin,or going on fraud to perish.,...or momentum of narcotism capitalism unstoppabl

After USA without USSR had become an empire entirely pursueing world hegemony.

They entirely expanded capitalism domination with military & conspiracy technics.

Simply to tell,the ideology of the elites is that poeople are divided those who dominate(live) and who are dominated(perished)due to their supremacism.

Both in domestic and abroad,the cia-military-industry-media complex has been endeavoring to destroy those who try to disclose and realize truth on co-live.

If current situation of the global capitalism be prolonged,we never fail to encounter abrupt and irreversible mass extinction of global life.

64(2009/12/25) Earthquake weapon attacking on Haiti.

Letter to UN 2010/01/24

Letter to Organizing for America 2010/01/22

It's an unprecedental disaster in Haiti,for which I have an extremely

serious view on the evil of America(CIA,military & industry complex).


The COP15 in Copenhagen would be all of lie,if without this debate.

This is easy ,but reliable seminar for everybody.EGT’s main body is a budget.

(InflowOutflow)/year(surplus for heating up our planet)/year. EGT predict that

the ZERO carbon emission could stop,but still not allow temperature down in more than three decades.

Then the final reliefe would entirely depend on our unite with a truth in God.

(*Page construction was exitted with unsatisfaction>

63(2009/12/25,2017/6/9,10) Scientifical Mechanism of "Prophecy" by Paranormality.

Prophecy’(revelation)by paranormal ability is real,of which validity is explained

by almighty of vacuum space the other world due to the logical contradiction realization.

While some fish can communicate by static electrical field,of which ancient ability is left also mankind as telepathy

due to remote realization of static electrical field by charge density wave propagation.It is standard classical electromagnetism .

"Prophecy" in unprecedented emergent era of now must be regarded as the most precious and the final warning.

2017/6/9:This is largely revised version.

2017/6/10:APPENDIX-2:What is CONSCIOUS<How to be good at making solution with light>.

62(2009/12/15) COP15 is disturbed substantially by the US,

and intend to impress serious disappointment for who are awakening(operation END GAME).

If someone made an extremely serious debt,his responsibility must be proportional to his portion.

If someone made delicious food,the other should not easily request to be dined on,

but they could accuse wasteful CO2 emission in the cooking.To tell the fact,the delicious food is simultaneously poison.

61(2009/11/3) Evolution equation of Global surface Temperature(correction 4).

60(2009/10/30)Evolution equation of Global surface Temperature(correction 3).

59(2009/10/28)Evolution equation of Global surface Temperature(correction 2).

58(2009/10/26)Evolution equation of Global surface Temperature(correction 1).

56(2009/10/7):Circumstantial evidences on secret attack against Japan by EARTH QUAKE WEAPON by USA.

<Letter to UN Security Council Sanctions Committees>2009/July/11,12.

Dear staffes of UN SCSC.

Now author(physicist) must report and protest hidden illegal attack on Japan by

EARTH QUAKE WEAPN(=EQW) by USA.It's a secret means for threaten and tortue for

Japanese to suppress Japanese political movements unfavourable for USA.As this

too serious problem,however,author could not reveal manifest validity,but some

circumstantial evidences(physical principle and historical records) as follows.

Now author strongly petition UN SCSC to secure our security in reasonable ways

discussed and agreed by concerned nations.

55(2009/09/9):Arctic Methane Catastrophe Possibility <the General Feedback Circuit Model-(1)>.

A simple,but essential criterion analysis on methane catastrophe is intoroduced.

(Global year radiative force increase by CH4 eruption)/(melting heat for methane clathrate=MC)870.(melt amount≦1GtC).

It's an amplifier gain=A by CH4 eruption.So if feedback loop loss 1/870,then evil positive feedback could begin.

If surplus heat(for irrversible process such as melting)partitioning rate into Arctic B be 0.1,

then 99of B would be allowable not to hit MC, but 1 hitting could trigger the feedback.

If over 3,the process could be abrupt.

Then note that the criterion depends on the feedback time lag, of which estimation has no confidence.

54(2009/08/31):APPENDIX:Frequency Asked Questions

Why could a matter radiate or absorb Electro-Magnetic(EM) wave as heat ?.

Why does global 1℃ temperature rise need outrageous huge heat ?.

Arctic is one of most cold place,as though, why does Arctic ice melt become dangerous ?.

How does a positive feedback process progress ?.

Why does vegitations on lands and sea water in oceans turn to emit CO2

at certain point of temperature rise ?.

Why could Arctic ice melt prediction not be accurate in early times ?.

Why is the serious reserver size of methane clathrate so coarse as 4001000GtC?

What is the total cause-result process of Methane Catastrophe ?.

How much could the dangerous degree be estimated for methane catastrophe ?

<<eruption(causing instant global heat input rise by the GHG concetration jump)

to heat back transfer into the target of methane clathrate in Arctic sea floor>>.

53(2009/08/23,24):Emegent Methan Catastrophe in Arctic<the quick lesson>.

Even amateure could see or intuit it.!!. In the end,a future prediction is refered,

however,it could be changed by our present will.

52(2009/07/21)Bering Strait the Gateway of Destiny(Arctic Catasrophe,Yes or No !!).

Recent rapid ice melt in Arctic was caused by opening gate of huge amount heat inflow from Pacific Ocean at Bering strait,

researcher told. If you could shut down the gate,the serious situation would be dramatically changed ?!!!.

But it 's a means for the time being,............................

51(2009/04/27)Earthquake Forecasting by Observing Anomaly of Animal Behaviour .

Earthquake-forecasting is possible by observing precedent anormaly of

"underground current and radiated electro-magnetic wave in air" stimulated by "quartz rock"

under ultra-high pressure in earth-quake source point.The observation is

possilble not only by electronic instruments,but also by anomaly of many

sensitive animal behaviour(catfish,eeel,,fish,..,frog,snake,birds,dog and cat,).

It's quite ridiculous that established scientists and the beurocrat authority has been neglecting the serious utilizable facts.

50(2009/02/16)German would determine mankind destiny ?! .

Who dominate world now ?.What do they intend?.Then the kernel nation may be

USA in which major ancestry race is not Anglo-Saxson,but German such as

Rockfeller(the King in USA who monopolize overwhelming wealth in USA) and

Bush family(skull & bonds initiated the CIA by secret importing NAZIS persons

after the war(operation paper clipp) and the illegal invasions on Afganistan and Iraq).

After the war,German had deeply regreted the war criminal especially for Jew massacre,

while an organized underground movement for the revenge seemed having been initiated and

connected with German American.

Their invisible international power never can be neglected any more now.

CIA now is a NAZIS modernized.


In order to stop the emergent climate catastrophe such as

abrupt huge methane eruption from Arctic continental shellves,

the effective carbon reduction rate is outrageous 80.

The allowable economy with 20fossil energy is to force global rationning.

Then former extravagant economy in advanced nations is no more possible.

For recovering stable global climate of CO2 concentration of 350ppm,

about 40 years could be estimated under the global regime.

Certainly its accomplishing would need outrageous global effort in their collaborations.

Above all,ice cover melting never be allowable any more.

This is the absolute highest priority.

By anyhow,the global relief is possible by 80reduction in the principle,

which instantly weaken global radiative forcing to temperature down.

48(2009/02/05)Dear Death Penalty,but Innocent Planet Prisoners !!,

Now the highest priority problem in climate change catastrophe is

absolutely evading the tipping point of no return by CO2 reduction rates80!!!,

Above all,we emergently stop ice cover melting in Arctic,where huge amount of

thermally unstable methane clathrate reservoir of 400GtC^1000GtC lie.

Then 10GtC releasing to atmospher is told catastrophic.

In the hot year of 2008,the ice cover in Noth Pole had disappeared for the first time in the history.

47(2009/01/17,25,27)Global Carbon Budget the reality”.

*Who's willing to try to save a world destined to die !!!-Marvin Gaye(1971).

*Jamping Jackflash,it's a gas,gas,gas.-Rolling stones(1968).

*Poem"Vers la Flamme(Toward the Flame,1914)" by Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin.

*3.4:Risk of abrupt or irreversible changes anthropogenic warming could

lead to some impacts that are abrupt or irreversible, depending upon the rate

and magnitude of the climate change. {WGII 12.6, 19.3, 19.4, SPM}-IPCC(2007).


46(2009/01/2)Global Confidenses the Trial<climate & economy the emergent crisises>.

Now facing global and unprecedental {Climate Change Catastrophe(CCC) and

the Economic Downturn yielding abrupt and tremendous poors},

we had better to reconsider current global regime the competitive and excess doing the capitalism.

It has no more time to escape form the emergent crisis coming soon.

Above all,people must exchange their established thoughts to genuine facts as first as possible.

45(2008/12/14)Possibilities of abrupt temperature rise at Methan Clathrate reserver in Arctic(Part3).

Especially in arctic ocean,above all,MC is the strongest heat sinker just like as ice!!!!!.

At there,0℃ ocean water does not need heat.Many has been considering ocean is so huge heat capacity,

so the temperature rise would be also extremely slow pace,

although actual global temperature rise is dangerous exponential one,

which is simultaneously to drive also ocean in similar way.

44(2008/12/11)The Global Surplus Heat is entirely flowing into Arctic (PartU).

(1)Global temperature rise by radiative forcing by 10Gton of CH4 release.

(2)The global temperature rise and the possibility of explosive CH4 release

causing into thermal hell ?!:

43(2008/12/1,11)The Global Surplus Heat is entirely Flowing into Arctic (PartT).

where "Ticking Time Bombs "(thermally unstable methan clathrate of 400G ton)are setted.

A heat flows from high temperature into low one <2nd Low of Thermo-Dynamics>

42(2008/11/22)GREAT CHANCE against global climate change crisis

Global Rationing Economy of Attacking Tactics

Challenging Advocate of Nature Creating for Everyone

What we can do against global Climate Change Crisis!!!

What to do in next
This is a real change of the world.It is also GREAT CHANCE.
The sever,decisive and fundamental recognitions on the fact that
(1)Climate Change Crisis(CCC):
(2)Global Livelihood Crisis(GLC)

A civilization causing own extinction could be said up side down.
Now scientists fear for spiking out huge methane gas from Arctic see flor,
which has been anticipated to cause abrupt & disasterous climate change crisis.
Doomsday is not fiction,but may be real unless we take unprecedental actions.
In the below, we describe the discussions by both methods of revelational
(PART 1) and scientifical(PART 2).

39(2008/7/11)B Wave Generator Design Example of Twin H2O wave guide
Please let's try the new modified version of BWG.
The former bare feeder circuit had serious power loss to accomplish critical condition by H2O wave guide.
New design for charge feeder circuit(CFC) intend to secure less power loss
by full EM field shield of simple circuit configuration.

36(2008/6/14,7/28)B WAVE GENETATOR(the principle for design technology)

Nicola-Tesla(1856~1943) had invented marvelous electrical generator(scalar φ wave one or BWG) creating energy from nothing..

Author happened to research on creating universe also from nothing. Those are common in following relation.

"0=+(available positive matter energy)−E(negative gravity field energy)"

Clasical Electro-Dynamics(CED) has two mode {longitudinal wave φ & transversal one },

the former is analyzed by Quantum Electro-Dynamics(QED).This report introduce

the basis of QED for design technology and the fundamental structure of BWG.

Now the difficulty in realizing pragmatical power output are summarized as follows.

Dielectric wave guide(DWG) needs bigger crystal which is higher cost to secure.

Radio frequency energy is troublesome to convert commercial frequency or DC

System design has another possibility of good performance ?,

In this critical era,it's quite ridiculous that such marvelous energy technology has been neglecting due to political & military secret affairs?

then they instantly could win history!.

35(2008/5/29)Global People's Solidarity in Policy Making against the Evils.

Now the world is encoutering two growing of gap between poor and rich and

of the fatal climate change crisis(CCC),both has been caused from

excess doing in competitive capitalism the international.

In this report,the most effort was concentrated in securing the minimized ideological and political ultimate

agreement of,for and by people in order to overcome the crisises by making

effective drastic change.Because those are to destine people's death or alive.

As its basic structure,author employed both methods due to great result of

modern symbolic logic and great result of ancient teach of religions(reberation).

As their pragmatical structure for realizig betterness of the world,

author seek essentiall common feature in the methods of

Marxism,Socialism,Green Movement,and Liberation Theology.

Then he formalized problem as follows.

A social(political) problem is an optimazaion in degree of giving and taking

on resouce,wealth and political institution among people "by the definete

ideology".Then people's task is to decide the ideology.For the aim,this report

try to assist people soley by proposing useful,simple,but strict(?)informations

A tragedy in humanbeing seems being caused from their incompleteness such as

deception,prejudice,misunderstanding,distrust,stupid greedy & fear for decline.

Then key to win is one !.Any party with various flag could be,

but they must be united at least with one global policy.Then they instantly could win history!.


There is nothing accidental, but all is intentional in history(F.D.Rosevelt).
If it was true,then what would the climate change crisis(CCC)be ?.
Now the time is attention on the economic growth in Asian nations,for which
Erope-American opinon seems intending to put Asian responsibility of the global warming
As for the responsibility,almost the accumulated GHG(green
house effect gas)had been caused by them(advanced nations),
especially America is the overwhelming worst nation. If you carefully surveyed various affairs
concering CCC history, you could find the many fatal deceptions.
The conclusion is extraordinarily upside down that the world now has been in
prosperity due to maily caused and accelated by the competetive capitalism.
It is quite analogaous to a sort of narcotism being paralyzed to self-ruin.

33(2008/4/20)The Deep Routed Connection between Japan and UK

By analyzing modern Japan history,you can disclose also mystery of the world one.

Japan's modernization had been started by leading of the UK mission in 1868

as the “retro-recovering kingdom of imperial the hereditary nobility”.

By import & lead-ing European technolgy and person,nation the military had been soon established.

Then they were to play important role in the world history by war victories

between China(1894) and Russia(1904). At that time, the establishing Japan and UK

ally(1902) is remarkable. This fact imply the closely relation Japan and UK.

Russian revolution may be the most mystery of modern world history

Since the actual was upside down.

The conspiracy of Euro-American capitalists the chaebol, such as Rockfeller and Rosschild,

assisted⑾⑿ Lehnin's Bolsheviki revolution by arrogating Kelenski provisonal govenment(1917)

Their hidden aim was making outside enemy for the unite and conserving of regime the capitalism.

Jacob H.Schiff(Kuhn.Loeb&Co) assisted the war money. After all,Japan had played

role of unconsious assistant of Euro-Americans's desire. The essense has been still now .


(1)People can be fundamentally free by securing {foodshousingenergy}.

(2)People must be Equal(God order) VS Satan ideolgy

  People is devided those who are dominated and those who dominate.

(3)DEMOCRATIZING PRINCIPLE:                                         

 You must discriminate politicians the oppotuntists with Satan from non Oppotuntists .

12008/4/149)What has been going on ?, The actual Aspects of Humann Right

or Free Right for Wriging and Speech in the Western World ?
America(and western Europe)has been said great patron of freedom of human-right.
However,it is such them who had concealed and decieved serious and
gigantic important truthes. Due to general people's decorated life with rich goods
and fluent mass mdeia,and etc, people has not known the hidden
suppression of human-rights in the western world. Almost the people in rather
satisfaction in the world may have been slept. There are so many organizations
hypocrisy and hypocrite .
In other word, the total structure itself of
the western world could be said gigantic deceptive.
There is no such accidents in history, but is all intentional ones..... ."
- Franklin Delano Rosevelt -

30(2008/3/29)The First Problem of the World is America

As for many nations,above all,the infulence of USA may be the most.
Because many ways of modern life was made in USA..
By the wealth,technology,political & miritary power, USA dominated this world ,as is called America imperialism.
However even such they have come to a singular era of encountering
unprecedented financial and (living resources) difficulty,which has been warned for long time.
Then possible options is two,the one is becoming more competive nation with hates,

the other is becoming more cooperative natinon with generousities.

292008/3/24)The Emergency Report on the Global Thermalized Crisis
The 07/11/17 IPCC(Intergoverments Panel on Climate Change) report tells unprecedented global thermalized crisis
caused by ourselves with Green House Gas emitting..The prolonging current situation routes would cause abrupt.,
irreversible and hazardous changes in climate and living fields. To tell from very beginning, the global temperature now
appear to be
exponential increasing, which means being of unstable mechanism called positive feedback loop(PFL).
PFL is feed backing of results to initial cause. In anyway,we could not survibe without something extraordinary decisions
The prophecies of Jucelino Nobrega is correct !.